Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of units do you have?
Our standard sizes range from 5'x5' to 20'x30' and about 8' high (all dimensions are approximate), but many facilities also offer smaller and larger spaces, from storage lockers to extra-large units. Call us and speak to our Sales staff to help you with the best size for your needs.


Does Affordable Storage provide locks? Do you keep a key to my storage unit?
You can purchase a new, sealed lock at any Affordable Self Storage facility. No one else has a key to that lock - just you. If you prefer to provide your own lock, you are welcome to do so.


What is a roll-up door?
Roll-up doors are like garage doors - they roll up overhead for easy access. They are usually wider than swing doors, so it is easy to move things in and out.


Do you offer RV/boat/car/motorcycle parking?
While most of our units are designed to store personal or business belongings, some of our facilities offer spaces for parking vehicles or vessels. Please check with your Affordable Storage facility to see if this feature is available.


Do you rent space month-to-month or do I have to sign a lease?
Our rental contracts are month-to-month agreements - no long-term lease is required.


Do I need to give you notice when I move out?
Yes. A 48 hour notice is advised so we can ensure you do not incur unnecessary charges; however, the more advance notice you can provide the better. On the day of your move out, just remove your lock and let us know when you have vacated your unit.


If I rent a storage unit from you, can my spouse, kids or friend have access, too?
When you rent from Affordable Storage you can allow access for other people you specify (or restrict access only to yourself).


If I lose my key and/or access card, what do I do?
Call your Affordable Storage Property Manager for assistance during regular business hours.


Do you require insurance on my stored goods?
You are responsible for the things you are storing at Affordable Storage and insurance for your stored belongings is required. You may be covered under an insurance policy you already have. Check with your insurance agent to be sure. Affordable Storage Insurance is available through Bob Bader Insurance Company at any Affordable Storage facility.


What kind of documentation do I need to provide to rent a storage unit? You will need to provide a valid, government-issued form of identification (e.g., driver's license, state ID or passport).


Do you have handcarts or dollies I can use at your facilities?
Yes. You are welcome to use our complimentary carts and dollies while you are at Affordable Storage.


If I do not rent storage, can I still purchase storage and moving supplies?
Yes. All Affordable Storage locations sell top-quality moving and storage supplies like boxes, tape, protective wrap, furniture covers, and more. You do not need to be a storage customer to buy supplies.


How do I pay my bill?
Affordable Storage offers four convenient ways to pay:
1. Choose AutoPay.
Enroll in person at any Affordable Storage property - the rest is up to us. We will automatically debit your bank account or charge your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card for your monthly bills.
2. Pay online at
Pay online at then make online payments from your bank account or VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card.
3. Pay by mail.
Mail your payment to your Affordable Storage location. Please include your storage unit number on your check or money order.
4. Pay in person.
Pay your bill at your Affordable Storage facility with cash, check or credit card.


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