About Us

We offer storage sure to your expectations

With the demand for storage space increasing every day, we know how to meet that challenge at a price you can afford. Ideally structured for durability and on-demand mobile transport, our service is the perfect solution for providing you with the additional help.

Frequently asked questions

Our standard sizes range from 5’x5′ to 20’x30′ and about 8′ high (all dimensions are approximate), but many facilities also offer smaller and larger spaces, from storage lockers to extra-large units. Call us and speak to our Sales staff to help you with the best size for your needs.

You can purchase a new, sealed lock at any Affordable Self Storage facility. No one else has a key to that lock – just you. If you prefer to provide your own lock, you are welcome to do so.

Roll-up doors are like garage doors – they roll up overhead for easy access. They are usually wider than swing doors, so it is easy to move things in and out.